Peace in Neutral

This morning I was asked by “Cowboy” to begin the process of finding peace in being in neutral. It took a minute to understand what was being asked of me. At first, I thought this was about emotional neutrality. Staying in balance emotionally, not getting too down or becoming exuberant but trying to stay in balance, in the middle. Then it hit me, neutral: a place of no expectation! What? Does He understand what that means? Clearly not!!! Having expectations is my middle name, well I do not have a middle name but still. I have let go of many expectations through my journey, some of myself but mostly around other people. As this request tumbles around in my brain, it seems that I am being asked to completely let go of expectations of myself and of my future. I want to argue that if I let go of those expectations, aren’t I setting myself up for failure? If there are no expectations how can I make progress, how will I be motivated, or succeed?

What comes to me from “Cowboy” is this: Expectations are not the catalyst for growth, progress, or success. They can be a deterrent and even a cause for self-sabotage, procrastination, or stagnation. Expectations can lead to perfectionism and the term perfection has been misconstrued in translation from a feeling to an item, something that is attainable. Perfection is an awareness that comes from the soul like love, compassion, or joy. Expectations put limits on our efforts; when we have an expectation of what something is supposed to look like we get into EGO to try and force things into what we think it should be and we stop listening to our intuition, to our personal guidance.

This message brings me an odd sense of calm and I believe that letting go of expectations will be a huge catalyst in moving me forward in my personal and professional journey of change.

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