Hi, my name is Mari-Lyn, and I am a psychic!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

WAIT, DON'T GO QUITE YET!! Yes, I am a psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient and most other clair’s at one time or another. I am a channel, a medium and a healer too. What does that all really mean?


I will answer that question and more; for now, when I am grounded, connected, and allow

the wisdom from Spirit to guide my words, that is channeling. I will channel throughout my blogs and that channeling will be from my main guide "Cowboy" most of the time. I can say that finding my way back to a spiritual experience alongside my human experience has been more than a blessing and having a relationship with Spirit, with Spirit Guides, and with all my own guidance and intuition, is something I aspire to help others realize.


We are spiritual beings living a human existence, it is not an easy feat. We come into this life being everything spiritual and through an arduous journey we enter the world where our lungs, for the first time, are asked to breathe in oxygen. The shock of it all is overwhelming. As we grow, we lose our extra senses, and our spirit self begins to be overtaken by the human self and ego. We go through the years learning how to be and how not to be, where we fit in and where we don’t. So many rules and expectations we humans have; by the time we reach adulthood we are lucky to even be aware of spirituality. When we begin the journey of healing and connecting to our soul, we begin the process of re-spiritualizing ourselves and bringing our humanness in alignment with our soul. There will be a time during your journey that your soul will sneak up on you and begin tapping on your shoulder. Acknowledge that tap, turn your attention inward and begin a dialog with yourself.

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