Don't Be A Woke

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Which are we, humans having a spiritual experience or spiritual beings having a human experience?

The answer is yes. I feel, for myself, I was a human that had a spiritual experience and since then I accept that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. The start of an “awakening” for me was when I began to see my soul instead of my ego. That was both a spiritual awakening and a human awakening at the same time. Did you notice that I said the start of an “awakening” and that I used quote marks? The purpose of that is because an awakening is the beginning of opening to ourselves and our purpose, from there we continue the process for the remainder of our lives. The process of an awakening is life long, it is not a one and done explosion of enlightenment and we certainly do not go through life and then one day become “WOKE.”

My main spirit guide “Cowboy” tells me that humans live so close to the ego that the soul gets over-looked. The human awakening is a realization that we are much more than a human body, brain, and ego. In addition to our physical body, we have an energetic body or light body. (I have experienced my energetic and light bodies separately at the same time but for the sake of clarity I am going with the premise that they are one in the same and I am not mentioning all the different selves we have in this blog). An “awakening” brings to light how our human selves and our spiritual selves work together to bring healing and growth. It encourages us to dig deep to discover more about ourselves and to continue to work at learning, healing, and growing in awareness, in expansion, in joy, and in love. As Humans we have strengths and weaknesses, we make mistakes, we hurt people, even those we love, and we are meant to go through hardship, as well as joy. We are here to learn lessons through those hardships and traumas. When we can begin the journey to learning and healing the wounds from our human experiences, we expand our knowledge and our capacity for compassion and joy. With each lesson learned our capacity grows and continues to grow.

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