When we come into this life we are as close to pure love as possible for a human. It is only as we are exposed to the acquired thoughts and emotions of other humans that we begin to develop our own acquired thoughts and emotions that are vastly different from the pure love we were at one time.

Acquired thinking comes from the opinions and actions of people we are surrounded by, usually beginning with family. We develop certain ways of thinking, not only about ourselves, but about how others should be. Acquired emotions are those of a lower vibration that arise from fear. Fear feeds negativity and untruths. Through these acquired thoughts and emotions, we develop wounding and experience trauma. Our deepest wounding commonly happens when we are children and then becomes compounded in adulthood when we have not opened ourselves up to the experience of healing.

The longer we go through life without healing, the deeper our wounding is shoved down into our being and the more wounding we perpetuate onto others. When we are unhealed, we are unable to stand with humility and dignity, instead we stand with ego, aggression, criticism, resentment, and, well, the list is long.

Once healing begins it is a lifelong journey. It would be fabulous if healing were a onetime episode of clarity, and we could move forward in life with no wounding to hold us back. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t happen. The deep wounds that occurred early in life and were compounded as we grew older have layers, much like an onion, and when we get to the center, the core if you will, we believe we have exposed it all and have healed. Then we discover that there is a crazy underground garage attached to that wound. That underground garage shows up when we least expect it. We think we have healed some deep dark wound and then one day, something happens, and boom, it smacks us in the head. It can be devastating at first because we were so sure we had healed absolutely everything around that wounding.

When an underground garage shows up, the opportunity to change your life is presented. This usually, only happens with the deepest and most confining wounding. When we can peel away the layers and come face to face with our truth, our lives are never the same. Our thoughts and emotions change, our perspectives change, and we find clarity that we never thought possible. These changes

happen anytime we are healing; however, when we make it through those deep wounds with crazy underground garages, the changes are usually profound.

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