"Cowboys" wisdom

It is not always important to know why we struggle with certain things; struggle is part of being human. What is baffling to me is why we struggle with the things that we are already aware of and need to accept as they are. For example, finding love and joy within ourselves, not from another person. “Cowboy,” my main guide, is telling me this morning as I struggle myself that when we have self-love, unconditional self-love, there is a connection with our soul that exudes joy and peace. This joy and peace come at no cost, and it is as pure as it can be. It is when we come to understand our personal value that we finally stop looking outside of ourselves for that feeling of love and acceptance. My question for “Cowboy” is, why is it so hard? Why is it so hard to find that love and peace within? His answer, this morning anyway, is lack. When there is a hint of lack around our worth, a hole is created, and we begin to look outside of ourselves to fill that hole. It is an illusion; we are taught that our inner holes need to be filled by another person. When we can begin to trust our instincts of self and look inward to our soul, to our guidance, we begin to realize that the hole becomes larger when we try to fill it from an outside source. We are the source of love.

As I typed those words from “Cowboy”, I find myself still asking why is it so hard? The answer I was just given is doubt. You doubt that you are a spiritual being, you doubt that you own the gift of love. You have allowed your mistakes, your illusions, and your unclear thinking to override what you know at the soul level. You doubt what you ultimately know to be true. Allow forgiveness to fill your heart and find your soul.

NOTE: The bold type was directly channeled from my main spirit guide whom I call Cowboy

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