Ever want something so badly that you did not even notice that it was something you already had? Creating expectations around things we want can put a bubble around them, making it impossible to have any clarity.

Relationships are a prime source of chasing what we already have. We put expectations on what a particular relationship should look like or feel like and if those expectations fall short, we give pursuit to chasing it somewhere else. Relationships are a funny thing; every person perceives what loves means so differently that even the slightest difference in our perceptions can mislead us into believing that the relationship is not genuinely what we want. These differences could be as simple as how we communicate or as complex as having love languages that seem incompatible. By allowing ourselves to become so attached to our expectations we can completely ignore the reality of what is directly in front of us and how wonderful it truly can be.

Goals are another thing we tend to chase. I am studying Qigong so I will use that as an example. When I began taking Qigong I had a goal in mind, since then, that goal is looking less and less like what I genuinely want to do. I have been struggling for months with no motivation or joy around Qigong because I am still chasing that goal I set. The messaging came today from a Spirit Guide that I am to move the goal post, throw out the original play book and write a new one. The instant I heard that message I knew it was right. Just because one goal is set that does not mean that it is absolutely the only goal that is an option. Chasing that original goal just because I set it was becoming a block. If I follow the guidance to stop chasing a goal, move the goal post and change my perspective on what learning Qigong means for me, I will open myself up to more possibilities.

Looking beyond what we think is truth is difficult, especially when we are trying to get a need met. We are vulnerable when we have needs but all too often, we block our own fulfillment. How often do we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to accept the fact that what we receive is truly what we need instead of what we thought we need? When we allow vulnerability, we can receive more and give more. When we block vulnerability and dig in our heels that we are right about what we need, about what we want, not only is our clarity removed, but our options are as well. There is no room for possibilities, compromise, or growth. There is no room for receiving more than what our ego is set on. There is also no room for giving back. We become so set on what we think we want that we ignore any balance of love and relationship, whether that is relationship with another person or with ourselves.

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