A Walk Toward Expansion

Life is all about learning, trying, failing, trying again, failing again, and eventually having success or quitting. That is true for just about everything we do in life. As we go through life, we are met with trauma and wounding, develop adopted thinking that isn’t based on fact or on our own beliefs. These events shape us into people that are vastly different from who we are at the soul level. To let go of the person that has developed and step into the person that you are at the soul level, a journey of healing is needed. I call this journey of healing, personal growth, and spiritual growth, A WALK TOWARD EXPANSION. The steps to take during this walk are steps that require consistent attention. Each step is something that we work on for the rest of our lives. It would be amazing if we could achieve them and they stuck with us but nope, that is just not the case. Through my own journey, I have found that the following steps are necessary to expand ourselves to be the best version of ourselves.

· Self love

· Align yourself

· Reclaim your power

· Stand in your dignity

· Humility let go of control

· Practice compassion

· Open to the possibilities

· Be led into expansion

The walk to expansion is one of the most compassionate journeys you can take yourself on. The freedom that begins to form, almost at once, gives inspiration to trudge through the difficult parts of growth.

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