In the walk toward expansion, self-love is the first step and a step that requires attention every day for the rest of our lives. Learning to love yourself, really love yourself and be in acceptance of everything about you can be an arduous journey; however, it is one of the most beautiful things you can do for yourself.

There are, I’m sure, people that naturally have love for themselves and experience self-acceptance. Sadly, I know for certain that there are people that experience self-loathing, and it is my best guess that most people fall somewhere, anywhere in between those two groups. Finding love and acceptance of ourselves comes in so many ways and healing our old wounds and traumas is paramount in hastening the experience. From healing comes forgiveness which in turn allows acceptance and love. Within a journey of healing, we open our hearts to our soul, we open our eyes to the truth, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to seeing our traumas instead of reliving them, and that makes it possible to make personal decisions about what has happened in our lives and why. When we have clear understanding of our wounding, we can then find acceptance and forgiveness in one form or another.

Forgiving ourselves for our past traumas may sound like a crazy thing yet it is important for our journey that we are able to find forgiveness; not for what happened to us exactly, but for the thoughts and feelings about ourselves that we adopted because of what happened. We are fast to blame ourselves and slow to forgive. When healing begins blame fades quicker until we have no need to blame, and forgiveness gets easier with every experience we go through. As we go through the processes of healing and forgiving, we start to experience a new belief in ourselves, and love begins.

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