Our purpose is to encourage you to be an active participant in your healing by embracing an atmosphere that fosters safe and supportive exploration of wounding, which interrupts your personal goals & relationships, and the vision you have for yourself.

We believe you can realize and reclaim your vision by recognizing and strengthening the elements of yourself which are hidden, missing, or misguided. We do not therapize, advise, or coach you. We hold space for you to explore and heal on your own time as you embrace your own soul's wisdom. This wisdom is where your true joy resides. Joy is the laughter that comes when our heart meets our Soul.

Joy is the place where we drop the judgement of ourselves and allow our true nature to be seen. Once we heal and release old paradigms and adopted thinking we can stand in the freedom to express our value through love and dignity.

TCS’s motivation is only to be the conduit for spirit. We are guided to take you within yourself to find your own answers to heal your own wounding, and rebuild your self-worth. We believe that everyone has their own journey to discover who they are and the joy of expressing their inner voice. We are here to honor your process as you learn to find your value and experience your joy.

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The recent hardships and extended isolation during the Covid 19 pandemic have offered an unexpected opportunity for self-reflection and re-evaluation. People are eager to reconnect and yearning to engage in meaningful personal growth. TCS invites you to join us as you explore these awakenings and new realizations, to experience the deeper healing you seek and to walk with renewed dignity in your individual journey with Spirit.


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TCS was my first experience with someone who channels spirit and it seriously opened up my mind to new things. The guided group meditations they offer takes meditation to a whole new level.

Lyn H.

I’m very grateful for TCS during Covid. Having them be available over the phone for grounding and clearing my energy, was paramount in surviving my anxiety. Thank you,

Stephanie T.