About Us

Pam Totaro founded, The Community Spirit, in March 2018. She created TCS as a safe space for those looking to further their spiritual journey in a community of like minded people. Mari-Lyn Hergenrader joined TCS in September 2019 as part of her spiritual journey. Together they created, The Conscious Spirit & TCS Everyday Psychics, to support people’s desire to grow spiritually, and heal the Paranormal. Together they support and honor everyone's desire, including earthbound spirits, to heal, expand, and stand in their Dignity.


Nanna is a professional psychic and long time friend & colleague of TCS and the only other psychic they endorse.




Pam is the founder of The Conscious Spirit, (originally, The Community Spirit). She is a multi-dimensional Energy Healer and Channel who lives in Gresham, OR with her Husband of almost 30 years. Pam created TCS as a way to bring like minded people together in community to heal and share their spiritual gifts. She is also a Teacher and Mentor to those serious about becoming Multi-Dimensional Energy Healers and Paranormal Mediums. As a healer, her passion is to help people heal their past trauma and finding their vision for themselves.

She is inspired everyday by those willing to do the work and to see their vision come to fruition.


Mari-Lyn is a medium that focuses her work with earthbound spirits or ghosts and the paranormal. Her passion is listening to their stories and helping them to cross over. She uses her training in Qigong in the clearing of energy in spaces with paranormal activity and in her energy healing practice which she apprentices under Master Healer Pam Totaro.  She writes the BLOG on this website, and enjoys different modes of divination. 




Nanna uses her intuitive abilities as a channel and spiritual advisor. The way she works is to channel to the root and truth of any issue or situation you may be facing. The purpose of her channeling is to lead you back into self-empowerment and improve your relationship with yourself. Bring your questions and let her help and guide you forward. 

You can email Nanna directly at nanna.omerkadic@hotmail.com 
Please allow 12 - 24 hours for a response.