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Paranormal activity or earth-bound spirits (ghosts) do not make for healthy house guests. The energy from paranormal activity  is at a low vibration which can create chaos, confusion, illness, and depression. Behavioral issues and mood changes can be a direct result of paranormal activity. We cannot know all the adverse effects of living with a spirit, however, we do know that it is not a healthy situation; nor is it good for the spirit that is earth bound, regardless of the reason they did not move on. When the human body dies, the soul or spirit crossed over into a high vibrational dimension; whether you call it heaven , the other side, or somethin else, it is a place for the soul to heal and become whole. When the soul does not cross over, it becomes stuck in what could be described as in-between dimensions. It is an extremely low vibrational place that is based in fear. Examples of why a spirit would not cross over would be a sudden or tragic death, severe trauma, or unfinished business. This is not to say every person who dies under these circumstances will stay stay earth-bound, most cross over into the light, but some choose to stay and in fear. 

It is our belief that all earth-bound spirits deserve to be crossed over and that they want that too. The "ghost" is our priority and Mari-Lyn's passion is to listen to whatever it is that they need to say, communicate their needs back to them with compassion, and gently guide them over into the high vibrational dimension of love so they may receive the healing they deserve.  Pam's passion is to work with unfriendly, demonic, elemental, and inter-dimensional beings who wreak havoc on the unsuspecting and vulnerable. Together they work to bring back serenity and peace to homes, spaces, and land so those in the 3D can live in a high vibrational healthy environment free of ghosts and inter-dimensional beings.  And the ghosts receive the care they need as well.


Mari-Lyn and Pam are Paranormal Healers and not Paranormal Investigators or ghost chasers. They do not smudge, use anything with fragrance, use cameras or other paranormal paraphernalia. 

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Paranormal Help

House & Land Clearings

House & Land clearing is a service of moving and transmuting the energy in your home or property. Any home is a candidate for a clearing whether it has paranormal activity or not. Clearing a home energetically is part of the process in removing paranormal activity. If a home does not have paranormal activity, it can be extremely beneficial to have a clearing, especially if it has been closed for an extended period or there has been illness or trauma in the space. Energy can become stale and stagnant, get stuck in walls, ceilings, flooring, and furniture. Even the living can leave behind residual energy and emotions which can build up and create an unhealthy atmosphere.

Mari-Lyn and Pam are Paranormal Healers and not Paranormal Investigators or ghost chasers. They do not smudge, use anything with fragrance, use cameras or other paranormal paraphernalia. 

Consultations are always FREE.

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In Person & Online visits start at $25 not to exceed $300. 

A visit may include, and is not limited to, energetic house clearing, spirit extractions, personal healings, and more.

Energy Healing

Energy Healings are always one of a kind. Each person is allowed the freedom to explore their needs and retrieve what they need from their own guidance. The energy that runs through you is so powerful you feel completely engulfed in spiritual energy and transported to other realms within yourself and in the universe to bring about healing.

You become centered, calm, and ready to take on the challenges of your life lessons, wounding, and trauma, with clarity, and to realize & reclaim your vision of who you are. During a healing one or more of the following may be utilized by the Healer;

  • Raising your vibration to balance Deva & chakra systems

  • Dissolve old trauma imprints, adopted thinking & acquired emotions

  • Reset or Dissolve old contracts, karma, anchors, and energy patterns

  • Align to your purpose and highest vibration

  • Receive DNA & light code upgrades & ignitions

  • Wiping clean celular libraries & muscle memory

  • Limbic System Reset

  • Resetting your Deva’s energy systems that are in  dis-ease


Our main goal is for you to find your self worth by facing your wounding with honesty and dignity. Taking responsibility for your own growth and healing is a large part of the healing process. The choice is always yours, we can only clear away the illusions which hold you back. It’s up to you to reimagine your worth and vision of yourself.


Hybrid Psychic Reading

A Hybrid reading is a combination of a psychic reading and an energy healing. It’s been our experience when a client asks for a reading they want to know “what and why” is something happening or isn’t happening and “when” will it happen. We believe this unsettled need to know comes from dis-ease the body & brain and benefits from a healing as well as with a reading. We have created this hybrid as a way of bringing clarity and balance to our clients.

Psychic Reading

Sometimes you just need clarity! We all need answers from time to time to help us

make a decision or to understand what's going on in a situation. Life can get confusing and frustrating. Allow us to help you through any situation and bring back your peace of mind. 

Healings, Readings, & Hybrid Sessions 

In person, on phone, or video chat 1 hour Session $90
1.5 hour Session $120

Complimentary Consultations are always available.

Group Guided Meditations

When in Person Sessions are Available

Pam has a unique style of guiding meditations. She has a powerful channel which allows Spirit to communicate through her to you. The meditations are healing, inspiring, and individually accurate. Everyone hears the same words from her, yet the same words are translated through your own guidance thereby giving you your own personal messaging. You have to experience these meditations to truly understand them.

You are gently connected with your soul’s energy (Divine Line) which translates energy into information that you can understand and digest. This information may come in the form of pictures, feelings, a knowing, smells, sounds, however you need to receive it for a deeper understanding. Your soul wants to guide you and give you wisdom to fulfill your soul's destiny. These meditations give you the opportunity to speak and receive answers directly from your energy source. With these meditations your physical body (Deva) is given the opportunity to rest and recalibrate as it releases stress and worry. Your mind (ego) is given the opportunity to stop overthinking and release adopted untruths by resetting itself to clarity. Your heart is given the opportunity to feel the truth of who you are and expand further into self love. Your energetic body (light body) is given the opportunity to journey, to recharge, and raise its vibration without restriction. Your Deva, ego, heart, and light bodies are brought into alignment for better physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.

Expansion to this degree allows you to obtain wisdom and answers to guide you into wholeness. This is your self healing journey and you will come face to face with what you need at the moment to heal and to make sense of your unwanted behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. These meditations are not for the faint of heart. They are meant to bring you in contact with your life’s journey of lessons, karma, contracts and purpose and bring you to a place of joy.

You are given the opportunity to explore your own soul’s wisdom with your guides, higher-self, and universal energies. Whatever your personal belief system is, you are guided and honored by it. During meditations you may also be given attunements, activations, alignments, upgrades, light codes, etc... Whatever spirit believes you need for your highest good you will receive.


All services and products provided by The Community Spirit & The Conscious Spirit (henceforth known as TCS) are for entertainment purposes only. TCS services are for spiritual growth and guidance of its consumers and not meant to be a substitute for professional medical, psychological, or legal advice. TCS does not intend nor make a guarantee that any consumer of the services, products, or information provided by TCS will achieve any specific result based on the service, product or information provided. TCS shall not be held accountable for any loss which may arise from any services, products or information provided. TCS will not under any circumstances or reason issue a refund for services or products provided.